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"DentOut did an amazing job!!! I walked in with no appointment and left within an hour with a dent removed from my bumper. Rick was very professional and the office staff was great. I highly recommend this business. Oh and the price was just right. Keep up the good work DentOut."
Kavin Brown
Google Review
"Had a football sized dent removed from my bumper.  I walked in with no appointment and the dent was expertly fixed in under 30 minutes for a great price."
Joel Kuntz
Google Review
"My daughter hit a pole in a parking garage and damaged driver and passenger doors. I had a couple of estimates and their estimate fell right in the middle. His work is amazing. The dents are completely gone and at a reasonable price. They also do hail damage work. Great family owned business.  Honest hard working people."
John T.
yelp Review
"This place is great, I've gone twice for estimates, both times the dents required body shops. But I really appreciated his honest opinion. I will use this place in the future and recommend them  for anyone needing this."
Erin M.
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"Watching this guy work was pure artistry...I cannot tell, no matter how hard I stare, where the dings used to be in the door."
Robert Little
Google Review
"I had a 1" x 1" x 1/8" (deep)  V shaped dent in the door of my car. Only blemish there and quite noticeable. DentOut Owner repaired it from inside out in 1 hour 15 minutes while I waited. 97% gone. $100. Highly recommended."
William Beatty
Google Review
"I went in for an estimate after someone scratched my vehicle. I entered and the lady in the office was very nice and professional. The gentleman Rick assisted me with what they could do there and was honest about the other areas requiring body shop repair. I was able to get clean professional dents out of my vehicle. All the way around from beginning to end, the service and repairs were great. Good to see there are still some decent, honest and professional people doing business."
yelp Review
"I had a dent on my roof where my antenna was hit and went to DentOut for a quote, he had he best quote and did everything in one day. Very family oriented business. Will be back for sure!"
Jordan K.
yelp Review
“How you write your advertising copy will be based on where you will place your ad. You’ll need a super catchy headline.”
P. Mudge
Google Review
"The results were great. This company went above and beyond. He kept me informed and removed every dent. My car had hail damage."
Clarence Benjamin
Google Review
Ernest is a magician with cars. He fixed two dents for $100 and the panels look brand new. I don't know how he does it but it's amazing. I will definitely be back if I need other repairs.
Harley H.
yelp Review
"This place did exceptional work; and I was very pleased and more than satisfied.i highly recommended this place if you need to get any dent out. It was quick and very promptly done. Great work and thank you😁!!!"
Mirage Carter
Google Review
"He has done many vehicles for me and my customers.  It's always an amazing job."
Chris Caroll
Google Review

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